Firmware downgrade for LG Smart TVs

I must admit, I’m baffled to see LG pull a stunt like this after having faced public backlash over their spying on their customers’ TV viewing habits. After backpedaling on the issue last year, they’ve now done a full 180 and reserve the right to record your entire viewing habits and share this data with everyone and their mom, even in countries with most likely less strict data protection laws. And here’s the kicker: if you don’t agree to these terms, many of the SmartTV features you paid for will be lost!

That’s apparently par for the course cause LG also removed the ability to switch audio tracks on local DLNA playback some firmwares ago (alledgedly due to copyright reasons). And when I set my LG TV to a non-existant gateway to stop it from sending my data to LG (my old Fritzbox does not blacklist), I could not connect to my local NAS anymore despite it being in the same network segment.

Also bad is the fact that, probably due to being embarrassed on a regular basis by all the bugs and removed features of their firmwares, LG does not offer changelogs. So when you’ve updated your TV’s firmware on the slim hope of seeing some improvements/fixes, you’ll notice the new terms you’ll be forced to agree to only after the fact! And since LG offers no way to downgrade the firmware, you’re suddenly stuck with a device with less features and more spying on you than you bargained for.

Fortunately, some Russian hackers felt the need to adress the issue and reverse engineered the firmware update process and made a small business out of giving the LG customers what they want. Others took note and devised a do-it-yourself approach to downgrade your TV (thx, nenif).

How to downgrade your LG TV’s firmware
The idea is simple enough: download an older official firmware from the LG website and use your own DNS server on your PC/laptop to trick your TV into thinking it’s downloading from the official site. Supposedly this method applies to the 2012/2013 models, I’ve successfully done it with my 40LN5758 (downgrading from 04.22.xx to 04.04.05).


  • Download and unzip it to your drive c:\ so that you end up with a dir called c:\LgDTVUpDater (another destination will likely result in error messages later on).
  • Check out the folder “Antwort” inside the htdocs folder. That’s a translation of “response”, meaning the server’s responses people already received and listed for your convenience. Browsing the files inside you can see links to lots of older firmwares.
  • Download the firmware you want to downgrade to and unzip it to C:\LgDTVUpDater\htdocs\
  • Open C:\LgDTVUpDater\dns\AcrylicHosts.txt in an editor like Notepad++ and change the IP adress of in the last line to your PC’s address (in my case, then save the file.
  • Start C:\LgDTVUpDater\startDNS.bat and then C:\LgDTVUpDater\startHTTP.bat with a double-click resulting in 2 black windows (showing that the Acrylic DNS server and the Apache server are running) and probably your firewall complaining. In that case, allow both.
  • On your TV select Settings > Network Connection > Start Connection > Cancel > Manual Setup > Wired (firmware updates are huge and any disconnects over wireless might lead to bricking your TV). Keep IP MODE on Auto Input, set DNS MODE to Manual Input and enter your PC’s IP address
  • Select Settings > Support > Software Update > Check Update Version but do not update! Close when the check has been performed. This check generates a file with some needed info on your TV’s model.
  • Open C:\LgDTVUpDater\htdocs\in_dump.txt and copy your TV’s model name from inside the MODEL_NM-tag. For my LN5758 it’s
  • Check C:\LgDTVUpDater\htdocs\ if a file of that name already exists (these are text files with a simple xml structure inside, they have no extension like .txt or .xml). If not, copy one of the other files over to that name
  • Edit the new file, in my case HE_DTV_NC4H_AFAAABAA. It will look quite jumbled cause there are no line breaks. If you add them manually, it looks something like this:


  • There are only a few entries to change:
    IMAGE_URL: the IP of your PC
    IMAGE_NAME: name of the firmware file you unzipped
    CDN_URLIP: IP of your PC and name of the firmware

    You can also change
    UPDATE_MAJOR_VER: major version of the firmware
    UPDATE_MINOR_VER: minor version of the firmware

    but this should only be cosmetic cause the revision number is also stored inside the epk. The FORCE_FLAG set to Y should ensure any current version being overwritten with the one you’ve downloaded, thus enabling the downgrade in the first place.
    Save the file.

  • Now close the two command prompt windows and double-click again on C:\LgDTVUpDater\startDNS.bat and then C:\LgDTVUpDater\startHTTP.bat
  • On your TV select Settings > Support > Software Update > Check Update Version: a new firmware is found! Update.
  • When the update is through (which should be pretty fast since it’s done from your PC), the TV will reboot.
  • Upon restart, you’ll get a message window with another progress bar (in my case a yellow frame with the foreign language text flipped). The firmware you just downloaded to your TV is now being installed. Once this is through, the downgrade is complete.
  • For good measure you should reset the TV to factory defaults. Please note, that you will have to scan and sort channels after that. Even if you don’t reset, you’ll have to agree to this firmware’s terms of use before you can use Smart TV functionality. As mentioned above, these should be less restrictive than the ones you had to agree to before. If not, downgrade to an even older version ;)

Feel free to add model numbers of TVs you successfully downgraded or links to firmwares in the comment section.

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53 thoughts on “Firmware downgrade for LG Smart TVs

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  2. Hof Brau

    Didnt work for me.

    I have a 55LM8600 US

    Tried firmware version 05.01.36 and 06.04.03

    Connects fine with the server on my PC, never detects the old versions of firmware: “no update versions found” with “none”.






    8 May 2014 09:08:28 GMT

    Again, communication to the redirected server is working, it simply does not detect any firmware.


    1. Hof Brau

      Solved: edited CheckSWManualUpdate.laf to reflect changed file name HE_DTV_GP4H_AFAAATAA.. You should add this step to your directions.

      1. Hof Brau

        Still won’t take it. Getting the “network is suspended” message when it reaches 100%.

        Any solutions for this?

      2. Techflaws

        Are you sure, you’ve got the right firmware? I have no idea why else it would not start from there.

  3. Tomi

    I have a 42LM6200 version. Can’t see anything of that version in Antwort, do you think the LM640 might work? The 6200 is the Asian version of 620

    1. Techflaws

      I don’t know but I wouldn’t dare risking bricking the device. Maybe someone on the hacker forum can clear this up or steer you to the location of other firmwares. Of course, you could always use the Russian service to downgrade online.

      1. Tomi

        Well, too late. I couldn’t wait and got too itchy at the prospect of finally getting my DLNA working properly. Results: a (partial) success. Flash was good, everything worked! Really happy! Then I thought I’d better do a Factory Reset after which things went a bit downhill. Basically my TV stopped finding any channels here (in HK) so now I only have DLNA. Haha.

        I am now doing an official update, that should bring back the channels and then I can do another downgrade but make sure not to do any reset at all. Just not sure whether I should go to the EU 03.03.50 or the original 03.00.53 version…
        This german forum is very helpful:
        Also, I have figured out this upgrade process, and found three versions for HK:


        So grateful! Thank you so much for this wonderful site!

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    1. Adam

      Everything it’s OK except for the vertical banding issue it’s most visible on football matches. Did you notice that too?

  5. badfinger

    Wouldn’t a custom firmware be better? Android or something else?

    If I were a coder, that would be the route I’d follow.

  6. fRed

    Just to say i was getting the network is unstable issue….Resolved with LM860 TV downgraded to version 3. from 4 something or other….

    1st thing, downloading the firmware, example for my tv in the ANTWORK folder….open the firmware file you want in notepad…..the earliest firmware for my tv is (extrapolated from the last line of the text file….I am sure others will be similar.) Took me a while to figure that one out.

    2nd thing….. make sure the LgDTVUpdater file is in the root directory of c: You should be able to double click on it and it takes you straight to the folders apache, dns etc… do not want the LfDTVUpdaternew folder in the root because this appears to screw up the file paths……if you see what i mean. (i downloaded the rar file, extracted to the c drive and had a folder LgDTVUpDater_new and inside that was LgDTVUpDater….it is LgDTVUpDater that needs to be cut and pasted into the c: root directory. IMVHO

    3rd thing……when altering the paths of the filenames for the firmware, sometimes at the end of the filename there will be a [0] then a “.” then “epk”…….I took out the [0]

    so insead of “GP4_DVB_BB_EU_B0_MP_lg1152_B0_RevNo49001_V03.04.05_ota_V2_SECURED[0].epk
    it looks like this;

    One other thing which I think may be important is that once i downloaded the firmware I wanted and made all the other changes I placed the firmware inside the htdocs folder but also in the root directory of C.

    Now i’m not sure what of the above worked worked but the line of code on the “CDN_URLIP: IP of your PC and name of the firmware”
    I changed to being your PC ip address…..

    The above worked like a charm and the t&c’s i agrees to are minimal and mention nothing about sharing my info with 3rd oparties…..did a factory reset after installing….

    Hope it helps.

  7. Adam

    Hi Techflaws and thank you for sharing us this tutorial. I sucessfully downgraded my firmware from 04.24.33 to 04.04.05 on my LG 42LN570S because the internet application didn’t load. This is the same firmware we both have and here is my problem: when i press the HOME/SMART button on my remote, i got a message that you have to upgrade to the latest version available due to security improvements and when i click on “don’t show this message again”, the message box closes and it “kicks” me back to the TV, instead of returning to the smart tv menu, so basically i can’t access the menu, it always show me that message, i press close and it returns to the TV show. Do you have the same problem? If yes, how did you resolve it? And the last question: before the firmware downgrade, did you have any problems with the “Internet” application?
    PS. Sorry for my bad English.

    1. Adam

      Wow, i thought downgrading the firmware will solve the Internet application problem, but it’s the same shit. The first bug is the Internet application: when you press it, it says “loading” and then “Initializing…Try again later”. The second bug is the size of “My applications”: i didn’t know their size are -1KB/0KB. I tried everything: Initialize application in settings, reset factory defaults, turn off completely the TV and hold the power button on for 30 seconds and turning it on again. Nothing helped.
      I bought the tv 3 days ago and the first thing i did was the firmware upgrade (it was a big mistake). I downloaded the latest firmware from lg site and put it in the pendrive. The big mistake was to update over WiFi to even a newer version (i don’t know why they don’t upload it on the lg site). When i was upgrading to the newest firmware released only over WiFi, i noticed the progress bar went nuts, after 3-4 minutes, it showed me up something like 117%, but there was a message informing me that when i restart the tv, the changes will be made. So i did so. Maybe i had to wait until the prograss bar reaches 200%. I don’t know. It was a fucking stupid mistake, so now you know: never update to the newest firmware after buying a new TV.
      BTW is there a “hard reset” or something like that I can do to the TV? What should i do now? Please, help me.

      1. Techflaws

        Sorry, but I have no idea. When I clicked on “don’t show this message again”, the message box closes and I was still on the SmartTV screen where I could select YouTube just fine. Only when I clicked on Maxdome (some little German variant of Netflix), I got the message that a new firmware was available and I had to update to use the app. It’s quite possible, LG implemented this feature in older firmwares already for all apps that have to be paid for to use.

        You should contact LG and tell them your update went wrong (don’t mention the downgrade) and ask them what to do. If they can’t help, return the LG and buy another brand. I’m quite sure that newer updates will prevent this downgrade method and/or that the app distributors will eventually prevent older firmwares from connecting to their services.

  8. nasratec

    When the update finish to download downgrade version of firmware ( 04.40.28 ) the update process should start but my TV ( LM860V on fw 04.60.03 ) display a windows with this text “The update has been suspended since network is unstable now. Please check the network connection and reboot the TV.”
    Any hint ?
    The network is for sure stable.

      1. nasratec

        Of course the firewall is disabled.
        See the progress when updating :

        But there are several 404 errors in apaches access log :

      2. Techflaws

        People reporting your issue said it was a) their firewall or b) they were using the wrong firmware. Other than that, I don’t know.

    1. catajedimaster

      Hello! I have the same error. Tried to downgrade an LG TV model 42LM620S. Each and every time after the TV has finished downloading the old firmware and should start installing it, it gives this error, actually the same error you reported “The update has been suspended since network is unstable now. Please check the network connection and reboot the TV.” Did you find a way to solve this problem? I disabled my Avira Antivirus and the Windows Firewall and all programs connecting to the internet and the network and I still get the same error each and every time. This is very annoying. Please, a little help! Can anyone give me a hint. All firewalls are disabled and I am sure the firmware is good because I installed the same firmware from an USB stick a couple of months ago.

  9. AnoyingLG

    is there a place where you can download older versions? Im in the US and they only have the latest version. Which sucks. They removed shit ton of options. I need to revert back.

    1. Techflaws

      I don’t know of any user repository where someone collected firmwares (links). So far there’s only the URLs listed in the “Antwort” folder and some people downloaded USB update files from LG and renamed them to epk to work using the online method. Alternatively go to the Russian site where you can pay a few bucks to downgrade (at your own risk!), maybe they have the firmware you’re looking for. Some people suggested using firmwares of trimmed down models (LN is apparently trimmed down from LA/LM series) but I think that’s too risky.

    1. Mathias Bynens

      I ended up using dnsmasq on my Mac to make resolve to my Mac’s local IP, which was running the server. I had to tweak the provided scripts somewhat to make it work: in htdocs/CheckSWManualUpdate.laf, replace $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA with file_get_contents('php://input') (they’re equivalent, but the former relies on a php.ini configuration setting while the latter doesn’t).

      I successfully downgraded my LG 47LN5758 to NC4_DVB_EU_MP1_SU1_mtk5398_A2_RevNo45919_V04.04.07_nsu_V2_SECURED.epk this way. (For what it’s worth, the TV’s model name in the MODEL_NM element was HE_DTV_NC4M_AFAAABAA for this model.)

      Yay! Thanks for the guide.

  10. Mark Ashworth

    Amazing, everything worked like a charm. My TV is the LG 42LN578V Smart TV. Downgraded from the 4.24 to 4.04 and everything (including Plex) is working again.

    Thanks for the info!

      1. Techflaws

        As mentioned in an earlier comment:

        Check out the folder “Antwort” inside the htdocs folder. That’s a translation of “response”, meaning the server’s responses people already received and listed for your convenience. Browsing the files inside you can see links to lots of older firmwares.

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  12. Lucas

    Hi, I did as you said, but when i tied to update (downgrade in my case) it says that it is up-to-date. Any help?

    1. Techflaws

      Sounds like you’re not connecting to your DNS but to LG’s servers somehow. To make sure of that, disconnect from the Internet before you start the update process.

      1. Lucas

        I am using windows 7. I genereated de file “in_dump.txt” and create the file “HE_DTV_NC4M_AFAAACAA” in my case. But I seems as you said, that is not connecting to my DNS. In the file “AcrylicHosts.txt” I have to replace only the ip address or I have to delete the “” also and leave only my IP? I have a wireless router, but I am connecting the TV with a wire to the router and my laptop with wifi, maybe that is the problem? How the connection should be?


      2. Keith

        Lucas Read my comment below I had to run the dns batch as i set the dns on the TV then it would connect if i was running it previous to that it would not connect.

      3. Techflaws

        Lucas, you need to follow the exact order of the steps below and it will work. Also, don’t EVER do a firmware upgrade over wireless.

    2. Lucas

      Sorry Guys, but still not recognaising the dns. I have a wireless router, but I am connecting the TV with a wire to the router and my laptop with wifi, maybe that is the problem? How the connection should be?

      1. Keith

        All wired From Laptop > Router and TV > Router make sure u either know both the tv and the laptops IP within youre home network or if you can give them static ips from within the routers config eg: I have my PC as and TV as 192.168.42 thats just an example of course

  13. Keith

    Yippee managed to do it changed the running order a little, had to run the DNS batch file on the PC after i had changed the dns on the TV and then it found the PC DNS Server then ran the apache batch then the update from the TV ….. Sweet :) anyone out there with an earlier version of a UK or European firmware for my TV LG 47la620v the earliest I have is 0405 (RevNo45919_V04.04.05_usb_V2_SECURED.epk) if so let me know ….Many thanks Techflaws.

    1. Techflaws

      Check out the folder “Antwort” inside the htdocs folder. That’s a translation of “response”, meaning the server’s responses people already received and listed for your convenience. Browsing the files inside you can see links to lots of older firmwares.

  14. Dave

    OP… in case you are still monitoring this thread, I purchased a new LG 42″ webOS TV and am saddened at this policy by LG. BUT.. the main thing I’m wondering is if they relabeled the headphone jack on the back of the TV’s and now have it labeled as “Service Only”. The jack looks exactly like the one in your picture, but different label. You can see a pic of it compared to yours here:

    1. Techflaws

      I had to register and log in to view the pictures, but you’re right, the jacks look identical. It’s weird they would cut headphone support, OTOH it’s LG we’re talking about. Maybe LG expects people to use an AVR anyway, so they would have to plug in their headphones in it instead.

    1. Marvin Post author

      Does not work how? Some people reported network problems, the DNS port was blocked by their firewall. From what I’ve read on German forums so far, people successfully downgraded their 47LA6918, 55LA8609, 55LA9709, LA8609. You need to make sure you’re using the right firmware, so if you’re in the US, don’t try versions from AU, IT, PL folders.


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