Motorola Razr V3

Motorola Razr V3

Admittedly I got hooked on this one’s iconic design when I saw it mentioned in a computer magazine some years ago half a year prior to it’s release. When it finally hit the market I’d already gotten another cell phone from my carrier. Thus when I switched to prepaid two years later everybody else already got it so I could get a new one cheap on Ebay. Despite it’s wide adoption one of it’s major flaws unfortunately had eluded me for all this time:

None of the five (!) keys on the closed flip can be used to deflect incoming calls!

I kid you not! Despite the external display’s major feature to enable you to “see who’s calling without opening the flip” you still gotta open it (thereby taking the call) cause only 3 of those keys trigger functions with the flip closed. I actually had to mod my device just to get this basic function working.

Motorola, design over usability!


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