Like I said in my initial posting, I’m just a regular user who is fed up with all the flawed devices out there. Since I’m in no position to start my own company and release better products the only way I can hope to make a difference is by boycotting stuff. Or by writing this blog.  In any case, I won’t hold my breath…


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  1. Eric

    Guten abend!

    I have a Philips 3520 and I wonder if it has any limits when it comes to the number of files and folders? I have read the manual but it doesnt say anything about it: download.p4c.philips.com/files/d/dvp3520_12/dvp3520_12_dfu_eng.pdf

    My harddrive is 1TB, FAT32-formatted. 1772 files in total, 634 folders in total. About 1-4 files in each.

    I can’t try it out right now since the DVD Player is located in Malta and I live in Sweden.

    Any thoughts?

    Hope you will reply.


    1. Marvin Post author

      What’s so difficult about posting a Philips question in the Philips FAQ comment section? Gonna move it there soon.

      Anyway, I’m afraid you gonna have to test it yourself since Philips’ firmware might simply restrict what (little) FAT32 enables as they did with their MCM393 Micro Hi-Fi System and its puny 500 files max. I haven’t had any problems with my 3260 but who knows what they did with the 3250?

      A workaround for any such limit should be to divide the files over dirs and/or partitions.

      1. Eric

        Hello Marvin,

        thank you for your answer. I thought this was the most appropriate place to ask.

        So your player works with without problems, let me ask you, does your hard drive contain more than 1000 files?

        1. Marvin Post author

          Yes, but only with an NTFS partition accessed by my WDTV Live which is invisible to my 3260. Still, even if I had that many files on the FAT32 partition it would not necessarily mean that they would be accessible on your 3520 cause AFAIK the players have different chipsets/firmware. That’s why I wrote the only thing for you to do is to try it out yourself (once back in Malta). Bring a laptop so you can move files between dirs/partitions to be on the safe side.

  2. Marvin Post author

    Not to my knowledge so you should ask vb6rocod. Next time please comment on the Philips thread if you have a question about a Philips.

  3. cbas

    Hi, I have an European 3580. Is there any firmware I can use to be able to change the volume with the repeat keys? Thanx


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