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Links to people who also are fed up with tech flaws.

Fifteen Classic PC Design Mistakes

I’ve just read these interesting examples of flawed tech over at who ask the very same question I keep asking myself whenever I come across unexpected and pointless flaws in consumer electronics devices: “What were they thinking?” Sadly, it would appear that common sense and best practice are still unheard of in 2009 in certain design/engineer circles.


Stop – blinking – at – me!

This is a perfect example of articles I’m gonna link to in my new category Fellow sufferers: Detlef Grell’s editorial in the current issue of the german computer magazine c’t deals with the annoying habit of consumer electronic devices with clocks (VCR, radio, Hi-fi System…) to blink at you when turned on after having been disconnected from power instead of simply setting themselves via RDS/video signal or at least dim themselves down.