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As you’ve propably read in my About section, Tech Flaws isn’t just about bitching about inapt engineers & designers but also about finding userfriendly devices that are designed with some common sense. That’s why – despite my previous bad experience with Philips – I’ve tested both 5990 and 3260 and decided to compile a FAQ from various forum entries. This is due to the player’s potential as well as to find people willing to donate so further features can be added by firmware modders (please check out this thread). I’m also gonna break blogging procedure by updating this post instead of adding new blog entries whenever this FAQ gets updated.

What USB devices are supported?

You can attach pretty much any device with an USB slot like USB sticks, card readers (in case your pics are stored on SD card) and USB HDDs albeit the latter aren’t officially supported. That is because Philips can’t guarantee compatibility since some of the 2.5″ drives need more power on startup than the 500mA defined in the USB specification. Also there’s been some concern that attaching USB-powered drives for extended periods of time might put too much strain on the Philips’ power supply and fry it eventually. Since some enclosure manufacturers do sell different HDD brands with their label one can’t know in advance what drive will work which means you gotta try or be on the safe side by using 3.5″ HDDs with external power instead. You are welcome to share your experiences in the comment section below.

What file systems are supported?

Unfortunately FAT32 is the lowest common denominator since it is supported by almost any OS out there so we’re stuck with it on standalone devices for the time being. If your external drive has several partitions with other filesystems like NTFS, you’ll only get to see those that are formatted to FAT32 (no matter if they are primary or extended partitions).

What partition/folder/file/filename sizes are supported?

According to the manual the DVP can handle 300 folders with 648 files each. FAT32 supports up to 8 TB for partitions (1 TB drives have been reported to work fine so far) and 4 GB for files as well as Long filenames of which the Philips filebrowser displays only a puny 14 chars.

Micros~1 limited FAT32 partition creation on Windows 2000 and newer to 32 GB. To create larger partitions on these systems use “fat32format.exe” (Google) under Start > Run > cmd [ENTER].

What media/file types/formats/codecs are supported?

As mentioned in the manuals (also downloadable as pdf from Philips) the players can handle avi, mpg, vob (also with AC3 sound), mp3, wma (no DRM), jpg from USB as well as CD-R(W) and DVD±R(W) DL. The 5990 additionally plays: mp4 (Nero Digital, xvid/mp3), wmv, ogm and transmits DTS audio via digital output to a receiver and handles GMC and QPel on xvid/divx. Please bear in mind that avi/wmv are containers that can hold a lot of different streams as well as codecs which are not necessarily supported. The player can handle divx 3, 4, 5, 6 (5990: + divx ultra) and xvid but only up to the max standard resolution of 720x576p i.e. no High Defintion. Subtitles must be srt or idx/sub (not compressed with rar) and should be named according to the video file since they’re not listed in the filebrowser, e.g.×01.avi   or×01.idx××01.sub

What about DVD-Video playback from USB?

The Philips does not display IFOs so if you do have a DVD-Video ripped to HDD you can only playback VOBs. This means you’ll have short but noticeable breaks between VOBs, messed up subtitles and no correct aspect ratio, menus nor chapters. You also have to manually adjust audio streams whenever a new VOB is started automatically if you’re not listening to the first stream in the file.

Contrary to some Multimedia-HDDs there’s currently no standalone out there that does playback DVDs properly from USB. There’s no official confirmation on this but there may be several reasons, a) legal: the DVD-Forum license does not permit it; b) technical: ifo files on DVDs address titles by sectors which are not present on a HDD filesystem so at least mapping sectors would be required. According to New_Age (one of the best MTK firmware modders) one would need to get their hands on ARM source code to add such a feature which is not likely to happen.

What about file order in the file browser?

Due to limitations of the FAT32 file system standalones as well as car radios and mp3 players that don’t have a database suffer from the same problem: files are displayed in the very order they’ve been written to the FAT which even gets more messy in case you deleted some files from in between before copying over new files. Cause if the new files/entries are larger than the previous ones copying over files numbered from 1 to 20 might get them listed in a different order. So your best bet to get files sorted in alphabetical order is using DriveSort.

Avis over 2 GB take forever to load, what do I do?

You need to remux them with AvimuxGUI which is done in a few minutes without re-encoding as explained by Squash on the Videohelp forums.

Some files are displayed with a wrong aspect ratio, what do I do?

First of all you should stop downloading crappy encodes from the net and/or use AutoGK for encoding your originals to xvid. If avis just weren’t encoded properly you can try rewriting headers with MPEG4Modifier from or use DVDpatcher for setting the correct DAR in mpegs.

During playback of some avis video stops for a few seconds while audio continues, what do I do?

The Philips seems to have trouble with packed bitstream files. You can recode them on the fly with MPEG4Modifier from

What is the front display used for, ID3 tags?

You wish! Unfortunately the display only shows elapsed time with 5 digits (h:mm:ss) and the track number on start of a track for 1 (MP3) and 5 (Audio CD) seconds. Pressing ‘display’ on the remote doesn’t change that and of course there’s no button to switch folders on MP3 discs nor a ‘play all’-mode so that the player would start playback of the next album folder automatically.

How do I set the player to Region Free?

Goto Setup > Preferences and press 138931 on your remote. Press up to select “0” and hit setup to exit.

Is there a firmware mod available?

Fortunately yes! Vb6rocod has done a marvelous job modding them with great new features like:

  • new skins, OSD font (text and graphic) and filebrowser (with scrollbars, outlined font, new icons)
  • filebrowser lists up to 48 chars
  • Auto-load adjustable subtitles (font, size, position)

Read more about it on his homepage and blog. Other firmware modders might start adding further features but this might require donations to enable them to purchase the player(s) first. Please read more about it.

How do I flash the player with new firmware?

First of all open the tray and press ’55’ on your remote to see what player version you have, e.g. 12 is the european model and 37 the US model, you must not flash your player with the firmware from another model or you will brick it! Then check your current firmware by selecting Setup > General. Press 1379 on your remote to check the last two digits of the version number.

Download the latest original firmware from Philips and follow this procedure:

  • extract the bin file from the donwloaded archive to the root of an USB stick
  • remove any disc from the unit
  • reset your player to default settings so it is in a defined state and set to english language
  • attach the stick and switch to USB if the unit doesn’t do so automatically
  • press play when advised to do so on the screen
  • WAIT until the tray opens and the LED on your USB stick stops blinking
  • plug off the stick
  • WAIT till the player closes the tray automatically and reboots
  • do another reset to default settings for good measure.

Remember to delete the bin file from the USB stick before you plug it in next time to playback media so you don’t accidentally flash the player again. Download vb6rocod‘s latest firmware mod (be sure to use the same version number as Philips’ original firmware) and extract the bin file with the corresponding codepage, e.g.:

  • 1250 — East European Latin
  • 1251 — Cyrillic
  • 1252 — West European Latin
  • 1253 — Greek
  • 1254 — Turkish

and repeat above procedure. Note that you can also revert to the original firmware applying the very same steps. Of course any problems resulting from flashing are your responsibility. In case you bricked your player you may be able to revive it using this cable.

How do I change volume with the remote?

The 5990 remote cannot change analogue volume except on a Philips TV. That is because you are supposed to connect the player via HDMI to your AVR or TV which in turn will decode the digital signal and only then adjust volume. The 3260 remote lacks volume keys completely but you can change analogue volume by mapping them to less used keys like Repeat/Repeat A-B easily with this tool: Remote Philips 3260.

What chipset is used?

Both players are equipped with Mediatek chipsets, the 3260 uses a MT1389DE, the 5990 a MT1389DXE (picture thanks to Huey) as shown below:

Click on a thumbnail to get a larger image and then again on the larger image to get the original size.

How do I mod myself?

For starters check out this, this, this and this.

124 thoughts on “Philips DVP 3260/5990 FAQ

  1. ben

    i want to know if i can add divx ultra to my DVP3260 because i created a divx movie with menu and i want to watch it on my DVD player.
    thanks in advance

    1. Marvin Post author

      The 3260 only supports regular Divx, for Divx Ultra you’d need to buy a 5990. I’m quite sure vb6rocod can’t/won’t do an upgrade with his modified firmware.

  2. slavko

    Kako naj odklenem PHILIPS dvd 3260


  3. amit patel

    I use this player and its ok

    One issue that I have is, whenever I tried to play a movie from avi file that is more than 1 gb (e. 1.4) it suddenly stops at 1gb

    for 700mb movies i do not have any issues

    anyone has similar problems?

  4. Jaz

    It seems like it is better to choose the “NO_ORG” version because it allows you to use more kinds of subtitle files. Is that right or am I missing something?

    I’m a bit a of a loss as to which one I should choose and why. :)

    1. Marvin Post author

      Well, vb6rocod hasn’t been too vocal about potential caveats but since I do my own rips with idx/sub, I’ve chosen “NO_ORG” so far and it’s working just fine.

  5. Mervin

    I tried to use a 8 GB USB 2.0 stick on it but it doesn’t recognizes the files I put on it. The stick works perfectly in my other DVD player. Is there a limit to the size of the USB stick?

    1. Marvin Post author

      Not to my knowledge. My 3260 has no problem with playback from my 8 GB USB stick (~1 GB free). Maybe you have exceeded folder and/or file number limitations mentioned in the manual.

      1. Mervin

        I formatted the stick (FAT32) and now it’s working perfectly! Had not done that after I bought it.

  6. Jaz

    I live in Hungary. However, I’m not certain that my 3260_12 is Eastern European 1250. I use it in English (I don’t speak Hungarian). Should I be choosing 1250 or 1252 (Western European). Is there any way to check this in the player?

    1. Marvin Post author

      AFAIK you can’t check it but I’m positive choosing the wrong codepage won’t break anything. So if you flash 1252 instead of 1250 you might miss out on some characters in case you would watch subs in hungarian. Flashing to another codepage should be no problem.

  7. Joaquin


    Problem with dvp3260I…

    Well, I live in Spain, set the preferences audio in spanish, and the player play ever all chapter in english and spanish, if the movie have two set of chapters for pictures in this 2 languajes … example : Ratouitille, , I see first ” disney Presents..”, 5 secons movie en english and return y display “disney presenta”, in correct languaje.. and continue the film , and another chapter, the same , if this chapter have words in screen in this two languajes.. I try to set preferences to reset, and nothihg happens, this problen continue..

    Thanks and sorry my english.. ;-)


    1. Marvin Post author

      MMh, if you do set

      Preference > Audio
      Preference > Disc Subtitle
      Preference > Disc Menu

      to spanish it should overwrite any authoring setting on the DVD. I have no idea why that’s no the case. Maybe vb6rocod has some idea about it. You should ask at his forum but sometimes it can be hard to get an answer out of him.

  8. Jack Boxer

    My player is a DVP3260K/98 and the firmware file from Philips is “dvp3260k_98.bin” (also what is shows when you open the tray and press 55. I cannot find any discussion or 3rd party firmware for this model. Does anyone know what the K designates? I bought the unit in Thailand and it has OSD languages available consisting of English (UK), Chinese(don’t know if traditional or modern), Thai, Korean and Malay.

    1. Marvin Post author

      I don’t know what ‘k’ designates, maybe it’s yet another DVD drive. The 3260 has a Sony DVD unit and the 3260I a Samsung DVD unit. I’ve seen you’ve already register at vb6rocod’s forum, maybe he can shed some light on this and/or compile a new firmware for your player.

  9. chh

    Is the DVP5990/12 able to play any kind of AAC audio? I have tried audio samples encoded with QuickTime iTunes, or Nero Digital, both types with the *.m4a fileextension. Philips responds every time with: “This file has no video”.

      1. chh

        I fiddled with some of the settings.
        The DVP5990 do play AAC audio.
        I had to switch HDMI audio “on”. Sound from both the tv-set’s speakers, and the surroundreceiver (spdif) worked fine.
        Multichannel 5.1 AAC audio came out as 2-channel though.
        When HDMI audio was “off”, AAC was mute.

  10. oddgeezer

    I have a DVP5990 with unmodified firmware, manufactured Aug 2008.

    I am rather deaf; I use captions. I have a caption problem with this player (and not with other players I have).

    When I see comments on subtitle display in some of the postings here and on vb6rocod forum, is that a different feature than Caption display? I don’t think those two words are interchangeable, are they?

    Captions vs subtitles ?

  11. Andrew

    One error in the FAQ.

    **The 5990 remote can only change volume on a Philips TV.**
    I have my 5990/37 connected to my Envision LCD TV via HDMI and the volume control works as you would expect. I assume that it is an HDMI issue not a Phillips TV issue.

    1. Marvin Post author

      Seems I gotta rephrase it then. From what I’ve read it’s similar to the 3260: you cannot use the remote to control analogue volume on CRT TVs.

    1. Marvin Post author

      Sorry, but that’s bull****. Apart from the fact that my modded player’s been running flawlessly for more than half a year, it makes no sense to have the player lock up 1-2 months later instead of immediately after a botched update.

  12. Tony

    I have a question posted elsewhere about DTS CDs that no one has been able to answer. I have some DTS CD’s that play, and some don’t. They all played on my old Philips DVD DVP-642.
    They all contain legitimate WAV files, some retail, some downloaded stereo conversions.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Marvin Post author

      No, I’ve been avoiding DTS successfully so far. If forum users haven’t come up with any suggestions on how to determine the difference between files that play and those that don’t, I’m afraid you gotta contact Philips support. Good luck with that.

    2. chh

      My DVP5990/12 plays DTS ok. Have made a CD from DTS coded wav files provided by “Sveriges Television”.

      There is 3 things I have to observe, to make it work:

      1: Always use a separate amplifier/receiver to decode DTS. The DVP5990 can not decode DTS itself.

      2: HDMI sound output should be set to “off”.

      3: Digital out should be set to “all”

  13. ScottK

    First, thanks for the great FAQ. It helped me make the decision to buy a 5990 a couple of weeks ago, and while I find the UI a bit clunky, I’m very happy have the ability to both play DivX video from DVD, and especially to be able to play from the USB cable.

    I’ve done a bit of reading in some of the linked forums, and have something I’d like verification on, and would suggest a corresponding modification of the FAQ:

    It appears that vb6rocod’s modified firmware is specifically for the 5990/12 (east European?) version of the player, and is not compatible with the 5990/37 version sold in the US (and elsewhere?). However, this isn’t clearly spelled out either in your FAQ, nor (maybe more importantly) in vb6rocod’s page on the modded firmware which you link to above. I happened to run across a post that somewhat indirectly pointed this out, and then found this post by vb6rocod ( – second post on the page) in which he links to a /37 version of the firmware mod done by someone else named Tripper_.

    Here is the link to Tripper_’s version thread:

    If I’m correct about the above, I would strongly request/suggest that you modify your FAQ to more clearly and specifically spell this out. You do mention how to determine whether you have the /12 or /37 version, but then don’t differentiate what that means in terms of choosing the correct firmware version. I have a bad feeling that this discrepency has led to many people bricking their units using the wrong version of the firmware, including people like Joe above.

    Last second addition: As I’m writing this, I’m also continuing to dig, and discovered a couple things about vb6rocod’s blog and site: The page you link to above on his blog is specifically for the /12 versions of the 5990 firmware. However, he has actually created many different flavors for several models of players. I think that it would be better if you either modified your links above to include links to both the /12 and /37 version postings, or at the very least modify the link to go to and instruct readers to seek out the correct firmware. At least that way it’s clear that there are specific versions that people need to match to their player. The way the link is right now, it appears that page for the /12 version is THE one version of the firmware for any 5990.

    I also noticed that vb6codroc has his own web site with these firmwares posted as well. I don’t know if that is likely to be more current than his blog, since I haven’t been following his work, but it might be worth a link as well.

    Finally, I just want to state again that I do appreciate your work here, and I hope this didn’t come across too aggressively. It just seems important to me with something like this, where a misunderstanding can ruin a $50+ investment (not huge, but in this economy…), that everything be as clear as possible.

    Thanks! :)

    1. Marvin Post author

      I’ve been quite busy with RL and testing the WD TV which unfortunately still has too many bugs. Also I’m still waiting for Philips support to get back to me on some bugs I reported all of which stopped me from updating the FAQ. I have to look into the issue of /12 vs /37 but it may take some time especially as vb6rocod (besides doing a great job) is less than forthcoming when it comes to answering questions on the forums. And don’t worry, constructive criticism is always welcome.

      1. ScottK

        Thanks for the reply and the updates. Yeah, I noticed vb6rocod does seem to be a bit – uncommunicative. :) (Whereas I can be a bit over-communicative – sorry for the painfully long post. I should have proofed it before hitting the submit button.) But like you said, he’s done a great job on, and I’m sure put a lot of work into, these firmware mods, so we’ll just have to enjoy what we can get. And, of course, the same goes for you and this FAQ (but not the uncommunicative part). :)

  14. Anant

    Is there a mod available/ or a way to mod such that I can use playlists – created on WMP or some other player? Or writing my own xml/ text file that simply lists the file path in an order?

    1. Marvin Post author

      Not to my knowledge. You could ask vb6rocod about it but his forum seems to be down due to exceeded bandwidth so you can try on

  15. Ben

    Thanks for the reply – the AVIs that smear play fine on a PC. And I use the same software for each – the only difference would be some of the compression settings. But for $40 it’s hard to complain.

  16. Been

    I have two issues:

    1. It takes about 10 seconds to turn on or off the unit and to eject a disk.

    2. When playing back certain AVIs (xvid), the images *smear* from the bottom up. It makes the videos unwatchable, but it only happens with about 5% of the vids.

  17. matt

    i fixed it, my mac makes invisible resource files when changing the filename so i got a program called BlueHarvest and i dont have that problem anymore.

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