One year of Tech Flaws

Just popping in cause I’m quite busy with real life. I’d planned to overhaul the Philips FAQ for today but since their support still hasn’t gotten back to me after I’d send some files they requested at the beginning of February (!) I’ve put it on hold. This kinda business conduct also made me look for alternatives.

So I’ve been testing the WD TV in the meantime which looks quite promising but has lots of bugs which may be fixed by the upcoming firmware update (just checked, still not out as of writing this). I won’t hold my breath though, since WD seems to have strange priorities (new thumbnail support instead of fixing bugs, wtf?) but we’ll see.  I’m currently waiting for the Egreat NMT to be available in Germany, which also features network connectivity. More on this as it unravels.

Thanks for tuning in this last year, a 100+ hits a day make me feel like I’m not the only one out there unhappy with flawed devices.


4 thoughts on “One year of Tech Flaws

  1. Larry Lix

    Where is te class action suits against these defective products? This device has been around for years and the one I bought was rev 1,00,00. Took it back before any updates cames out. Too much self-paid spam out there on review sites telling us how wonderful the device is. Any company that plays the dirty advertising doesn’t deserve anybody but a fool’s business. They ned to concentrate their money on correcting an I’m sorry POS box.

    1. Marvin Post author

      Well, considering the community efforts on the official forums, I’d say not all is lost. Since I set my WDTV to static IPs (and flushed the router tables), I’m having no problems with shares anymore. And I think it’s cool they do put out new firmwares with bug fixes for a device that’s almost 3 years old.

  2. Larry Lix

    Nice to hear some honesty about this half-baked device. It wouldbe nice to see WD actually put some effort into this device. As of June 2012 the unit I borrowed still had real fllakey problems staying connected to remote shares. It was pot luck whether it would work at all each morning when turning it on. Still a piece of junk. The sharing from a local drive on it worked quite well after an hour of trying to get it to see a USB memkey.

    1. Marvin Post author

      I usually watch from USB only but whenever I test the network, shares are working for me. Having said that, I certainly can understand your frustration but I guess this is just a matter of you get what you pay for. The WDTV is pretty cheap for what it does and from what I’ve read so far, other players which cost twice as much are riddled with bugs as well.

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