Firmware downgrade for LG Smart TVs

I must admit, I’m baffled to see LG pull a stunt like this after having faced public backlash over their spying on their customers’ TV viewing habits. After backpedaling on the issue last year, they’ve now done a full 180 and reserve the right to record your entire viewing habits and share this data with everyone and their mom, even in countries with most likely less strict data protection laws. And here’s the kicker: if you don’t agree to these terms, many of the SmartTV features you paid for will be lost!

That’s apparently par for the course cause LG also removed the ability to switch audio tracks on local DLNA playback some firmwares ago (alledgedly due to copyright reasons). And when I set my LG TV to a non-existant gateway to stop it from sending my data to LG (my old Fritzbox does not blacklist), I could not connect to my local NAS anymore despite it being in the same network segment.

Also bad is the fact that, probably due to being embarrassed on a regular basis by all the bugs and removed features of their firmwares, LG does not offer changelogs. So when you’ve updated your TV’s firmware on the slim hope of seeing some improvements/fixes, you’ll notice the new terms you’ll be forced to agree to only after the fact! And since LG offers no way to downgrade the firmware, you’re suddenly stuck with a device with less features and more spying on you than you bargained for.

Fortunately, some Russian hackers felt the need to adress the issue and reverse engineered the firmware update process and made a small business out of giving the LG customers what they want. Others took note and devised a do-it-yourself approach to downgrade your TV (thx, nenif).

How to downgrade your LG TV’s firmware
The idea is simple enough: download an older official firmware from the LG website and use your own DNS server on your PC/laptop to trick your TV into thinking it’s downloading from the official site. Supposedly this method applies to the 2012/2013 models, I’ve successfully done it with my 40LN5758 (downgrading from 04.22.xx to 04.04.05) using the instructions below. With more recent firmwares you might have to add some additional steps mentionend in the comments (thanks to all contributers). So if at first you don’t succeed, please check em out.


I can’t stress that enough! Apparently some people have had weird experiences with their downgrade attempts. If you have other models/versions than those mentioned here as being applicable, don’t try this or you might brick your device!

  • Download and unzip it to your drive c:\ so that you end up with a dir called c:\LgDTVUpDater (another destination will likely result in error messages later on).
  • Check out the folder “Antwort” inside the htdocs folder. That’s a translation of “response”, meaning the server’s responses people already received and listed for your convenience. Browsing the files inside you can see links to lots of older firmwares.
  • Download the firmware you want to downgrade to and unzip it to C:\LgDTVUpDater\htdocs\
  • Open C:\LgDTVUpDater\dns\AcrylicHosts.txt in an editor like Notepad++ and change the IP adress of in the last line to your PC’s address (in my case, then save the file. As suggested in the comments, downgrading from more recent firmwares might require to add additional servers:,, – one per line – with the same IP address.
  • Start C:\LgDTVUpDater\startDNS.bat and then C:\LgDTVUpDater\startHTTP.bat with a double-click resulting in 2 black windows (showing that the Acrylic DNS server and the Apache server are running) and probably your firewall complaining. In that case, allow both.
  • On your TV select Settings > Network Connection > Start Connection > Cancel > Manual Setup > Wired (firmware updates are huge and any disconnects over wireless might lead to bricking your TV). Keep IP MODE on Auto Input, set DNS MODE to Manual Input and enter your PC’s IP address
  • Select Settings > Support > Software Update > Check Update Version but do not update! Close when the check has been performed. This check generates a file with some needed info on your TV’s model.
  • Open C:\LgDTVUpDater\htdocs\in_dump.txt and copy your TV’s model name from inside the MODEL_NM-tag. For my LN5758 it’s
  • Check C:\LgDTVUpDater\htdocs\ if a file of that name already exists (these are text files with a simple xml structure inside, they have no extension like .txt or .xml). If not, copy one of the other files over to that name
  • Edit the new file, in my case HE_DTV_NC4H_AFAAABAA. It will look quite jumbled cause there are no line breaks. If you add them manually, it looks something like this:


  • There are only a few entries to change:
    IMAGE_URL: the IP of your PC
    IMAGE_NAME: name of the firmware file you unzipped
    CDN_URLIP: IP of your PC and name of the firmware

    You can also change
    UPDATE_MAJOR_VER: major version of the firmware
    UPDATE_MINOR_VER: minor version of the firmware

    but this should only be cosmetic cause the revision number is also stored inside the epk. The FORCE_FLAG set to Y should ensure any current version being overwritten with the one you’ve downloaded, thus enabling the downgrade in the first place.
    Save the file.

  • Now close the two command prompt windows and double-click again on C:\LgDTVUpDater\startDNS.bat and then C:\LgDTVUpDater\startHTTP.bat
  • On your TV select Settings > Support > Software Update > Check Update Version: a new firmware is found! Update.
  • When the update is through (which should be pretty fast since it’s done from your PC), the TV will reboot.
  • Upon restart, you’ll get a message window with another progress bar (in my case a yellow frame with the foreign language text flipped). The firmware you just downloaded to your TV is now being installed. Once this is through, the downgrade is complete.
  • For good measure you should reset the TV to factory defaults. Please note, that you will have to scan and sort channels after that. Even if you don’t reset, you’ll have to agree to this firmware’s terms of use before you can use Smart TV functionality. As mentioned above, these should be less restrictive than the ones you had to agree to before. If not, downgrade to an even older version ;)

Feel free to add model numbers of TVs you successfully downgraded or links to firmwares in the comment section.


208 thoughts on “Firmware downgrade for LG Smart TVs

  1. Monti Hall

    This is the best instruction I’ve found online for LgDTVUpdater, all the other instructions I came across online were missing steps.. I follow these instructions steps for Lg 55EA9800 and it worked perfectly. The only thing you need outside of the LgDTVUpdater down load is a copy of the older firmware you want to roll your TV back to. LgDTVUpdater + old Firmware + these instructions = SUCCESS!!!!!!

    Thanks to Tech Flaws for posting

  2. Hagen Müller

    hello together,

    I am not a native english speaker. Please forgive me for grammatical errors.

    Have a 42LM640S with followed Problem: The SETTINGS will not works and if i push the HOME Button or MY APPS Button or INPUT: with all Buttons will show on TV only on right Corner below a red circle with message : loading. But nothing will happen.

    The TV has got the Firmware 4.62.12. The old Firmware from LG Homepage 4.40.19 will be denied.

    There ist also no chance to start the systemmenu like SETTINGS to try to reset or other. My only way to update or downgrade will works with USB or network.

    I can watch TV without errors, but all other functions are gone.

    NOW my Question: how can i downgrade under this Circumstances my lovely TV? How can i fix it?

    I hope for answer and that you understand me :-) . The LG support cant help me.

    I checked your tutorial and everything looks good until point 9. Maybe do you have a solution for me?

    Best regards send

  3. nino

    Goodmorning everyone.
    I own a 42lm640s with firmware 04.62.10 that I would like to return to version 03.03.50.
    but I can not complete the connection: after manually entering DNS and selecting automatic mode for IP, I try to connect but the message “no wireless network connection” appears.
    can someone help me? thank you.

  4. Gmedinamurillo

    Good morning, Appreciated. Do all the steps, but when I start the service, C: \ LgDTVUpDater \ startDNS.bat the console throws me the following error. ==================================================================================================== ===============================================
    Acrylic DNS Proxy Console Version Press ENTER To Quit
    ==================================================================================================== ===============================================
    2013-10-01 15: 28: 33.742 TBootstrapper.StartSystem: Loading configuration file …

    2013-10-01 15: 28: 33.757 TBootstrapper.StartSystem: Loading hosts cache items …
    2013-10-01 15: 28: 33.758 TBootstrapper.StartSystem: Starting solve …
    2013-10-01 15: 28: 33.778 TResolver.Execute: TClientServerSocket.Create: Binding t
    or address and port 53 failed. Is there another DNS server / proxy running?

    someone who can help me with this problem. ? Thank you

  5. Gianni Veloce

    Help please Which firmware do I need (and where to find it) to downgrade my LG 55LM860V in order to get back SKYPE and YOUTUBE apps. Many thanks!

  6. Vincont

    I ran through step by step and it’s obviously connecting to my computer but not getting the downgrade. Might be too new? OLED55B7P Version 04.70.36 trying to get Version 04.70.30.

  7. Fernando

    Hi. Has anyone got it with EG910V? I can´t downgrade from (last) 04.05.56 to 04.05.45 because I can’t get TV finds the new firmware …

  8. vlajko

    hi. i have receantly bought tv 42LA6208, but someone or somehow falshed firmware inside is 47LN6138 and that tv dont have 3d option , and me too dont dahve that option because of the wrong firmware. Can you please someone help me to revert back original firmware , i have tried via lgdtuupdater and magage to lower version but it only lower version of firmer, but model of tv stayed same 47LN6138. Please help.

  9. foster

    I have a lg 55lw5600 and I’m looking to update firmware, LG website no self help, tv shows up but can not save to my laptop, dongle does not work anymore. Anyone have thoughts on this issue.

  10. Chris

    I was able to edit all of the info, but my LG 42LV5500 is not finding the firmware. It is connected to my computer as the DNS, and I’m able to get the dump file. Its just not recognizing the old firmware i want to rollback to. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  11. Robert

    hi @ all
    first sorry for my bad english.
    Hope that you will understand me.

    Since the Firmware update for my lg 42lm640s (04.62.12) my amazon video app doesnt work.
    now i have saw that many people have /had the same problem.

    Today i tried to downgrad the firmware.
    But it didn´t worked for me.

    Connected the Pc to the TV with a lan cable. But the TV didn´t check the last option (ethernet). TV, Gateway and DNS checked but the last not.

    What problem could it be?

    Or had LG fixed it and you can´t downgrade with the newest firmware?

    Thanks for the help


    1. Marvin Post author

      LG might have fixed it but given the approach that’s being used with the method described here, I’m not entirely sure that’s possible. That said, I did my downgrade some time ago and have not bothered with it since. Maybe you can find some more help on an (unofficial) LG forum or pay for the service from the Russian hackers that came up with this method. They’ve posted a comment here in this thread somewhere.

      1. Robert

        Thanks Marvin ;)
        It still works fine. (tried a other version of the lgupdater)
        But now i´m searching for a other firmware (epk). Because the firmwares i have tried didn´t solve the problem.

        Do you know a overview site for the LG epk firmwares?

        1. Marvin Post author

          No, I don’t; like I said I haven’t been following up on this for quite a while (and I certainly won’t be buying an LG TV when I’m upgrading my hardware in the future). But in case you find some, feel free to post them here.

  12. Noe Garcia

    I can’t find any old firmware for my 55LM7600 , can somebody point me to an older version of this firmware. My tv auto updated and I lost all the icons from the smart menus, inputs. Tried factory defaults and that didn’t help. I just want to downgrade to the previous version to see if that fix the issue.

    1. GVeloce

      I too lost my Apps/ The most concerning is lost SKYPE app and pisses me off as I have purchased the special expensive LG camera for this purpose. If anyoneknows a way to restore SKYPE (at least)wouldbe great

  13. Vitalii Djiguir

    Looking for firmware for my LG 55LA6205 TV. Have searched through google, forums, etc. Tried to reverse engineer download URL with no luck.

    The latest firmware file from LG site is as follows: NC4_ATSC_MP1_US_SU2_mtk5398_A2_official-build-nc40-us-m13-50909RevNo62064_V05.09.09_usb_V2_SECURED.epk

    There are several sites with links to older versions that do not work anymore:

    Any help would be appreciated


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